• rishabhpal22 72w

    Lights Out

    This one's for vice
    And this one's for sin
    This one's for every shattered skull drenched in gin

    I ought to be a mammoth
    To take you on a ride
    I better catch a cold
    I better run and hide

    You talk of your culture,
    Of your second-hand faith
    You claim to know better
    No, you claim to know best

    I speak not your tongue
    I see not your hues
    I sing with a longing for your drinking dues

    But I'm close enough to smell
    I can see, I can tell
    I can yell, you can take that to hell

    So leave on your boots,
    Let the ignition be
    I only be twenty steps
    Away from me
    Tear off your mask,
    Cough all you can
    I'll come for you anyway
    And I'll come after your clan

    Play your little games
    With your bubbles of green
    And your bubbles of purple
    Where the gray had once been

    I'm done with your sport
    You can keep the rest
    Spit on the dead while you can do your best

    It'll soon be time, it'll soon be ten
    It'll soon be the last of this filthy heathen

    The driest of tongues will have strangled you then
    It'll soon be all over, it'll soon be ten.