• gar_cia 27w


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    The blue I see

    As I sit on a revolving chair
    My mind wanders off to a peculiar place
    Full of blue flowers and blue roses
    The sky is amazingly blue too
    With the moon luminating blue light.
    Is this because I love blue?

    I cut myself open with vague memories
    Of the colour black I used to love.
    Yes, we divorced because it was as dark as my reality.
    And there I see that blood in my veins is not red
    Neither does it look like the element gold
    But it's blue again and again

    The blue I see lives in me now
    It is life giving to this mortal body
    And to every creature that creeps the earth.
    Sometimes blue behaves like a vacuum
    Sucking the little happiness I have left
    At other times it satiates me to the core

    This blue is a phenomenal blue.