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    Towards a sky of dark clouds floccose,
    Thunderbolts–all that he could glance,
    That young bairn– so agog!
    Though young; his mind was brilliant,
    Treaded he, on paths implausible,
    To the world he told–nothing is impossible,
    'Tesla'– The unsung hero, he still remained...

    Turmoils; a lot he did bear all the while,
    The world ran– on money–and he didn't have it,
    Talented–he was a perseverant man,
    Thinker he was– an inventive one,
    'Twas his aim; energy to be given free,
    That erudite intellect failed; still didn't he give up!
    'Tesla'–The name echoed in alleys of physics...

    True it is so!–Good doesn't occur to the good,
    Threatened and cheated; he was even looted,
    Those days–low and despondent,
    The shimmering stars had a dark fault,
    Thousands of mysteries, he left behind,
    To unite with his dreams of future,
    'Tesla'–he became immortal forever....


    For the cees_rww_chall, the submission is in the body section. I know I am awfully late while submitting and I apologise for it, but I just could not resist submitting something for this beautiful opportunity. I think I am the last one to submit ��

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    A maniac–They called me,
    Pity them! Lest they knew!
    Deep down in my heart,
    I've decided to write my fortune,
    I shall suffer torture, with ease,
    Chasing dreams a mile,
    To emerge as a legend....