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    CAUTION: Rantish maybe.

    My dear melancholy

    You have been a loyal friend. You deserve to know your importance, don't you? With the atmosphere being melancholic, words have somehow found their way to you, dearest.

    You have been the most faithful mistress I have ever known. You have stayed. In the 3pm responsiveness. In the 3am numbness. You have made me feel different forms of the same emotion at the same time. You have been present with the other emotions too, as a supplement.

    In the brightest of days or the darkest of nights, surrounded by people or when totally isolated, happy as the lover or sad as the heartbroken, when things go right or they're all a mess, you have always been right beside me, right with me.

    You've done some transformations as well, you know. Good or bad, you decide.
    I've seen you turn happy smiles into mirthless ones. I've seen you turn humming to screaming. I've seen you turn the loved chocolates to anti depressants. I've seen you turn cheerful noises to deafening silences. I've seen you turn paper planes to crumpled balls. I've seen you turn lively souls to numb ones.

    Let me be honest. I detest your company.
    Kindly leave.

    With love
    A melancholic


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    My dear melancholy

    You have been the most faithful
    mistress I have ever known.