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    The cold wind blowing around,
    Has made the numb me, number;
    The orange petals falling on the ground,
    Has made my memories tumble.

    I paint my nights,
    With happy lies,
    For my life is blight,
    Even after thousand tries.

    Nostalgic thoughts knock on my door,
    Every night when I lay forlorn;
    The carefree past seldom bores,
    Ignites yearning; the danger zone.

    So I wish and wish,
    Upon the countless stars' falling,
    For the past to come back,
    And tomorrow to disappear.

    Nature laughs at my absurd longing,
    The trees whisper, the flowers giggle;
    The clouds sigh at my pointless distress,
    The thunder rumbles, the sky darkens.

    //it's a wish not meant to come true//