• manasaa 16w

    Happy birthday to mirakee's guardian angel��‍♀️

    Let us cheer for our Carolyn!
    The bold & benevolent leo queen!

    She is so kind and calm
    A lovely and caring mom

    She is the fairy of your fantasy
    Her presence spreads ecstasy

    Her lovenotes and lovely ink
    can make sky blush so pink

    Her words bestow tranquility
    for they manifest peace & equality

    She is mirakee's adorable admin
    who can bring a smile on your chin

    Be a nuisance, she is rightly strict
    Be a friend, she is sweet and wit

    AUGUST 10, 2021

    9: 30 am IST (And 12 am out there! so officially it's your birthday throughout the world������)

    I attempted to write a nursery rhyme which is as sweet as you but failed to do so. But you know very well that I always admire you. I look at you and wonder that how can someone be so talented yet down to the earth, How much patience is required for handling personal struggles as well as dealing with problems in mirakee in such a graceful way. You inspire all of us. You are truly the person who makes mirakee a better and peaceful place. You are a gem.

    We all love you mom. Sending your way loads of love and prayers. I hope this year offers you best of things����❤❤

    Happy birthday again��
    *offers lots of candies and Indian deserts*


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    ♡Mirakee's angel♡