• thelostpsyche 212w

    I had psyched up;
    breaking all limits,
    one more time.
    one last time
    to let the dreams
    fly to the pinnacle.

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    Dream free

    I thumped all the walls amid me
    gasping the revived dreams.
    Once I confined myself and
    here I unfettered empowering
    hopeless dreamer within me.

    Breaking all the yesters impossibilities
    I soared to uncover my capabilities.
    Higher and higher, I finally reached beyond
    the stereotypical thoughts of mankind.

    Behind the black curtains
    and blank sheets,
    I have been building the dunes of hope.
    Behind the weeping eyes
    and shadowed sunshine,
    I have been stretching chimeric sights.
    In the middle of surfing waves
    And endless skies
    I have been discovering the lanes of
    dreams within a dream,
    flying, surpassing the fallen stars.