• _firefly 27w

    The canvas of a writer's eye,
    covered in his blood
    is never called red,
    it's called words,
    agonized by his own thoughts,
    slaughtering him,
    inch by inch,
    to paint a masterpiece.

    The maze of a writer's brain,
    scathed by the analysis
    of each atom he encounters,
    is a battleground,
    for his own emotions,
    dying to blacken the pages
    of his old journal covered with dust.

    The purity of a writer's soul,
    is whiter than the whitest lilies,
    tinged with a hue of pain,
    for none is born a writer,
    he has to kill enough poetic thoughts,
    inside him for a poetic rebirth.

    The reality of a writer's life,
    is more of a hallucination,
    created out of confusion in his head,
    and words are merely a bridge,
    to connect with facade of the world,
    and a futile attempt to see it,
    because writers aren't affiliated
    to this dimension.


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