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    seekers of delight chase the sun in parallel groups,
    with ignorance of scorching heat in covetous pockets.
    they lay beside an old fire singing songs of struggle,
    while man on mountain top sits alone in silence.

    lousy tongues and accustomed eyes tie knots,
    truth slips in ease through their clenched fists.
    with happiness stored in vials broken of regret,
    they define freedom in cloying terms and phrases.

    now and then one awakes after luxurious slumber,
    needy hands fan them asleep in hope of recompense.
    tired cliches in speech and work call for renewal,
    only for roots of ambiguity to grow in reverse.

    with theory of everything to understanding of none,
    people overlook unedited elflock for petty reflections.
    they prefer carrying dense regrets to self-dug graves,
    than shaping a better tomorrow with purged hands.