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    Different people watch the same sky, but perceive different sunsets. And these perspectives vary according to circumstances they are in. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong♡

    @say_me_krish I'm sorry, couldn't participate in your challenge but this piece is inspired by your challenge prompt for me. Dedicating to you��

    Thank you everyone who asked me to write. You guys helped me to come out of writersblock��


    @writersnetwork Thank you, your honor❤

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    Feelings and sunsets

    To that heart which pumps love,
    the sun seems to sink in infinity
    of love; as sun kisses horizon
    its cheeks turn blushing red sky.

    To a teen dejected by love, playing
    heartbreak songs in loop, it seems
    the vagabond sun never meets the
    horizon, it gets lost into emptiness.

    The sun treads towards destination
    of unknown distance, still radiates
    bright yellow. A passionate man
    holding hope, smiles at the similarity.

    A person with hollow heart, where
    feelings don't belong, stares at sky.
    sun crossing the horizon is just
    another monotonous phenomena.

    A lonely lad envies at how the
    isolated sun sheds its insecurity
    in the horizon, to be in friendly
    company of constellations at night.

    Sun falls into abyss, loses its shine.
    Takes a pause, only to rise anew
    with fiery rays. A person hit by failure
    admires the motivational sunset.

    A moribund man sighs at the sun.
    Wrapped by blues just like his body,
    Sun too seeks relief. And its escape
    from blue sky, leads to, the end.

    As the sun meets horizon,
    myriad of human hearts become
    spectactors of their own feelings
    showcased in the sky shades.