• rjd_creations 19w

    The abandoned poetry

    When the music dies
    My heart sobs silently
    Losing its beats with
    The fading melody
    Unobtrusive tears discord
    With the agonising heartache
    And the strings of guitar
    Weeps the unprecedented tone
    The rhythms of moonlight
    Subdued by the grey sky
    The odour of tranquilizing peace
    Fizzle out in the gloomy world
    The keys of gentle bluesy clavier
    Bleeds the melancholy of vague dream
    And the abandoned poetry
    Searched for its own muse
    The melody echoing in silence
    The rhythmic ballad metamorphose
    Into cacophony depicting a lost love
    And the fading hues of rainbow
    The soul cries again and again
    Will the grey sky turn blue again?