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    11 Sept 2021 1.15 pm

    (Here Acts describe particular tradition
    And scenes represent particular festival)

    Can anyone identify the scenes ?//
    // Scene I - Vishu, Scene II - Onam, Scene III - Deewali ||

    Heirlooms of Hiraeth ~

    Act I
    Touching gravel soil with tender feet and falling
    Tasting sugary rice and desserts with eager tongues
    Being embraced in warmest hugs and cuddles of family
    Being the source of joy and happiness, brightest days
    When even tears were as sweet as smiles, spreading glee

    Act II
    Greeting the dawn by the riverside,
    Dipping in the flowing glee,
    Freshening up to toil the day,
    Tame few flames and wipe any blames
    Lamps lit early to dawn and dusk affront the deities
    All kith and kin gathering for every meal,
    Tightening togetherness
    Native calendars and cultural festivals,
    Binding tales and truth

    Act |||
    Adoring aeonian antiquities, tracing ancient threads
    Reviving religious flames and reform sparks
    Sustaining sacred groves and shrines
    Enchantress dancing to percussive music
    Temples and tribes, folklores and flares, art and literature
    Tradition is a thread that tethers one to timelines
    One that preserves fire of permanence, even while ephemeral flames burns out


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    ❁// Heirlooms of Hiraeth

    Scene I
    Skylark on the dawnbranch of April
    Hymns along with the chiming zephyr
    Cuddling laburnum blooms of golden glow
    Sing songs the celebration of spring equinox
    Scene II
    Dragonfly chasing September blossoms
    Marigold and hibiscus, ensues harvest festival
    Treasuring halcyon days of solidarity
    Bonding heirlooms of hiraeth under one sky
    Scene III
    Even still eventides murmur
    Twilight flames dance away
    Folklores echo in berserk breeze
    While deities guard the green groves
    Somewhere a poet chants balladries
    Longing effervescence of bygone glories