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    Here's what I wrote for Moms Day three years ago. Wanna share it here.

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    The Woman with Powerful Hands

    When God vested the power of motherhood,
    He gave these chosen women a set of powerful hands:

    Hands that carefully carried our fragile bodies, which eventually became sturdy as years tested us;
    Hands that held ours as we cross streets, reminding us that she'll forever hold on to us as we cross our future endeavors;
    Hands that clapped when we did our first walk, which still clap - for our achievements are also hers;
    Hands that heal - from knee scrapes, headaches, face scratches, to heart breaks.

    Hands that struggled and worked.
    Hands that offered and served.
    Hands that she lifted for the LORD;
    thus filling them back with blessings she can't contain.