• believersrejoice 64w

    I'm not a good poet, but this was my song in my heart and I wanted to share it with you. We were created to know and love God, because of His deep love for us He created us with a freewill to chose Him. A true love and I tried to capture that moment, that thought on paper.

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    From the beginning I was created to love You, a flame that burned within me.

    Captured by a decision to choose, to love You completely.

    You could've made me mindless, as a robot in Your Hands.

    But You desired a love that"s true, a robot was never the plan.

    Putting Your Word within my heart, quietly whispers in the ear.

    Knowing from the start, I could chose not to hear.

    Still taking a chance, a freewill you created in us all,

    For a life with you in a romance, as You tenderly make the call.

    As a deep river in the sea, Your Love stretches through the sky,

    All as a part of me, captured in You and I.

    I see the beauty in a rose, as I smell the scent after the rain,

    Searching for the depth of You to behold, as You touch my timeless pain.