• petrichor_tales 73w

    Dear someone?

    I don't know when we began to kiss in the mornings. But then again our love story was never normal to begin with. We stole our first kiss when we were drunk and you barfing aloud immediately after. You asked me to hold your hair and then continued on making a mess. I smiled though. It had been months since I did that. You looked at me quizzically and I just shook my head still smiling.
    You asked me to marry you there and then and I smiled wider. I told you I barely knew you and you laughed sarcastically too say 'like I get to know the guy I'll be forced to marry by my parents'. And then you went ahead and slapped me hard on my face and before I could even get out of the shock, you kissed me like no one ever had before.

    Kisses are said to taste like mint gums and strawberries or whatever the mix of lipstick and gum the guy and the girl chooses.. why then did our kisses taste of remnant vomit and spirited souls? I guess I'd always be confused on that. But I couldn't deny it was a kiss that was meant to be there. Someone hooted from and a distance and I snapped back into reality enough to separate us apart.
    I questioned you what was that for and you asked me if I meant the kiss or the slap.
    I answered both and she replied with a simple shrug and said we needed to get out of there.

    We were shivering because of the cold as we threw what threadbare of modesty we had left and made love in some place far from the fantasies anyone could have cooked up.
    The glasses of the windows made dewdrops and we stared into it as we lay side by side, our breaths mingling into each other. I traced the scars upon your shoulders but didn't say a word. You looked into my eyes and I knew it said thank you. I still don't know how I knew that. You started drawing something on the glasspanes and I thought it'd be a heart or a snowflake. But you drew a lopsided moon and two monkeys looking from down below. I smiled and held you closer. You stopped moving and lay against my chest as I fell asleep to the sound of dry thunder in the sky.

    I still wonder why you slapped me again in the morning, but what I didn't know was your name or why you told me that I needed to smile more. 'People lie and disappear all the time' you said 'dont look for their stories or write letters to them because they probably aren't listening to the memories left behind' maybe I shouldn't write this letter to you then. Maybe I should burn it before the next sunrise. But who knows.. who knows...

    Yours truly(?)