• spicy_sugar 66w

    //Sometimes lying is better than telling the truth.//

    I stare at the moon, at times
    Smile at it, and it smiles back
    Even though it knows the smile wasn't directed to it
    Smiles like it's mocking me
    As if she knows all the secrets
    As if I accidentally spilt when drunk
    Did I?

    The places we've been,
    I have never gone
    Again, cuz I was coward
    Afraid they would laugh at me
    Or afraid they would remind me of you?
    You will never know.
    Or I will never know?!

    The way you loved me,
    The way I rejected
    Or denied my feelings?
    I lied to this girl who said she loves me
    I told her I love someone else, that I love you
    I was lying,
    Or was I?

    I forget all those drunk talks,
    Sleep talks, or so I say,
    Willing to forget them.
    Cuz once I remember them,
    I know it would be my undoing
    And most of it would be
    Certain someone's name.
    I dared not to remember
    Or do I hate to admit it louder?

    My friends tell me I talk gibberish when drunk
    That, I mumble, or in their words, "chant"
    Some unfamiliar name.
    I almost thought it was "her's"
    I asked them to record it
    They did
    But I had no enough nerve to listen to it
    I was terrified, to know the truth, they said
    Was I scared it would be your name?

    Sometimes lying is better than telling the truth
    I'm telling you this cuz now you don't know which is truth and which is a lie.

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