• steffy2110 29w

    With Love, Uncle Klaus

    O Child, O Child, my Sweet Snowflake
    Your favourite uncle Klaus from the North misses you
    How have you been?
    Have you been a good kid, my December?
    It's a shame we can't meet for the holidays this year too,
    it's been 2 long years of distance
    The baddies are still out in the air
    I have lost the count of them now
    But you be safe my child, wear mask and be vaccinated
    Sending lots of love and gifts for you
    My trusted reindeers will arrive soon with presents
    Until then sing carols, drink some hot cocoa with some cinnamon buns
    Snuggle under the wool
    Wear your sweaters, mufflers and gloves
    And don't forget to send me a postcard with some fine wine, duh! ;p