• love_whispererr 9w

    The essence of elegies you disperse on the running clouds, the sky feels like a castle of butterflies which have some black polka dots on their yellow pinions. Those elegies feel blessed to be inside your palms while you look at the kohl of the eyes of some metaphors. They hopelessly cajole the menaces to reside inside the citadel which is made by the cwtch of your innocence yet your sagacity backs your similes and you personify the word "poetry" through the aesthetic vibes on a unknown lapland.

    Your ringlets smell like a soliloquy of spring where the flower moon of May urges to the June not to come back soon so it'll enjoy the palace of your words for some day more. Spring springs on the pedestal of your allegories and rests in your chalice of haikus when the hyacinths try to wither on the stillness of dawn but you make them bloom on the radiance of your art of love.

    Autumn is sending the birthday wishes to you with a bouquet of red chrysanthemums and the beaver moon says "stay blessed and happy". But the coldness of night urges for some leftover cakes and chocolates.

    @fromwitchpen so send them soon. But don't forget to enjoy.


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    "bon anniversaire"