• tamanna3 9w

    #color . Too early and too late.

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    with all the fuss about rainbows
    black rests on an armchair,
    its hands touching the sky
    and eyes on a crowded pavilion.
    it smirks at astronomy books,
    silently mocking the timeless wars
    for its multifaceted kingdom.

    (there's a leather shoe in my room,
    my father wears it everyday
    to his favorite place outside our home,
    he loves its black
    coz his father loved the same;
    there's a hierarchy of darkness in my family
    but we live more happily
    than frontline faces in white.)

    black is more a noun
    than a descriptive tag for
    bottomless solenoids in the sky;
    it stands with a complete profile
    unlike the concrete ground
    under my feet,
    that feeds on transparency
    every morning I rise.


    black is, for it reflects all
    if not for black, what would you love colors for?