• _firefly 16w

    To the sonnet queen, who also rules the hearts of many,

    Dear Devika aka Sangfroid soul aka chirps, firstly Happiest Birthday. Since day one I'm an admirer of your personality and soul. As your username suggests you're as calm as a spring afternoon whose aura is decorated with lilies and jasmines.

    Your smile shines brighter than the sun. Even though we don't talk much anymore, I still think about how you are so kind. We met on vaidarbhi's post and since then I'm a BIG FAN of yours. May this day bring you eternal hope and joy. May you always glow like a sunflower.

    About your writings, I'm speechless. You have a completely different style and your words are so aesthetic that they always leave an impact on my heart. I still remember your line 'In the wistfulness of all known possibilities, you and I still seem an impossibility.' NO ONE CAN EVER BE AS BRILLIANT AS YOU. You inspire me, to live, to write and to be kind to others. ♡

    With all my heart,
    Yours admirer,


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    /She sits on the highest branch of the tree in my garden,
    looking over everyone else,
    sprinkling joy and blowing dandelions,
    with a sangfroid soul,
    she is the human form of hope. /