• not__so_poetic 20w

    May be forever!

    I just can keep admiring you
    May be like for a forever
    I wish this small talk never ends
    So that you don't have to leave me
    The way your eyes flutter
    And your lips part while you talk
    I wish I can watch you here
    May be like for a forever
    The way you roll your eyes
    Wave your hair and smile so bright
    I see this is what love feels like
    I wish I can stay here
    To you always near
    May be like for a forever
    Sometimes I wanna hold your hands
    Out of the blue I just wanna kiss you bad
    Making you red, that just makes me dead
    To name all the feelings you give me
    And tell you how much I love them
    It's takes a little more time, so let me stay
    Just for a forever!!