• yours_truely 57w

    Will you still admire me when
    I'll have to smile without my teeth and have wrinkles attained

    Will you still be with me when
    We'll be fighting over my mistakes on a gloomy day in heavy rain

    Will you still look for me when
    My vision gets blurry , and nothing would be fine I'll just pretend

    Will you still choose me when
    I'll hate myself and disappoint everyone out of pain

    Will you still remember me when
    I'll loose all my memories and have nothing left in the brain

    Will you still fall for me when
    I'll have no spark left and I'll be nothing but just so plain

    Will you still hold me when
    I'll have to walk with the support of a stick maybe made of cane

    Will you still find me when
    I'll loose myself in those shady unknown lanes

    Hope you'll still love me through these phases
    Because when we die! To be with you I'll be following your soul's traces

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