• daffodilpearlzz 38w

    B O R N ~ A S W I N G S

    I was born,
    as not the drops
    of the mighty ocean,
    but as the melancholy
    in your eyes.

    I was born,
    as not the salinity
    of your eyeball,
    but as the bittersweet worries
    in your arteries.

    I was born,
    as not the flowers
    of the beautiful garden,
    but as the ones of a garland,
    which your near ones took along
    when they left you forever.

    I was born,
    as not the crackers
    which celebrated victory,
    but as the painful heartbreaks
    of the frightening failures.

    I was born,
    as not the leaves
    which in tender green, made food,
    but as the brown dry ones
    which decayed on the parched earth.

    I was born,
    as not the furious fire
    which should ignite the young minds,
    but as the ones which burnt the depressed.

    I was born,
    as the broken strings of a guitar,
    the incomplete verses of a poet,
    the rhythmless tunes of a melody,
    the wings of grief and veins of mourning.

    But I fight, still,
    for I keep lessons in my chambers
    I keep honesty in my nerves
    And I'm not the survivor,
    I'm a warrior.

    The phoenix you're
    who rise from the ashes
    and believe me,
    I'm your wings.

    ©daffodilpearlzz ~ Bhavya
    Tue 27 April 2021