• manasaa 15w

    16 August 2021.
    (The day a cute human landed on this planet��)

    Hey ya Medha,

    Finally your birthday yayyy❤

    I was honestly thinking what to write for you because we share many tiny cute memories and my mind is incapable of capturing them into words. I decided to go on with the flow :)

    I woke at 5 am today. The sunrise was so beautiful. Sky wore a purple and pink hue as if celebrating your colorful presence.

    I remember, a year back, you were new to mirakee. You started reading me on our mutual friend's recommendation. A very fine day I decided to read you back and woah. Your vocabulary always baffles me. You write so unique. I still remember your version of hare and tortoise fairytale, it was a long post and I loved your completely different perspectives. When I commented the same, it all began, as a headstart to our friendship.

    Those days were funny when we spammed each other. We were happy when one of us posted. I just turned 15 that time but you called me Di. It went for few days as I thought you defintely must be younger because you were(and are) so innocent. But I came to know you were 16 and we had a good laugh��

    It worried me when you suddenly deleted your account without any warning. I missed you. I'm super happy you came back. Never leave this place okay?��

    I totally love your humor sense. Trust me your *lame jokes* as you call it, always make me chucke hehe. You are adorable, cute, funny, innocent to the core. Manu loves you so much, Thank you for everything Medha, thank you for all good things you said to me, thank you for making me feel loved and adored always❤❤

    Happy seventeen, Medha ( YOU ARE SEVENTEEN!!!!)
    Stop annoying Bhavya *winks*

    PS: This was supposed to be a birthday wish, turned out to be something else. Also I was outside due to regional holiday here. Couldn't wish you earlier. I'm sorryyy :(

    @life_versified ��

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    M agic manifests in her sparkling smile
    E legant lexicons embellish her verses
    D affodils dance to her heart's rhythm
    H ue of elixir is blue of her flowing ink
    A dorable is synonym of her persona