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    "Peace" is not just a mere word used in our day to day life . There is a need of social peace in the present time when there exist a range of conflicts on several issues .The value of peace is incrementing with the passing of every single day . Today I take the opportunity to highlight some of the conflicts which needs to be resolved so that social peace is mentioned . Thanks to Carolyn Glackin ma'am for starting the #poets_pen_for_peace movement .I tried to pen down my thoughts , don't know if it is reasonable or not .

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    Poets Penning For Peace

    The world is beautiful always
    For all the complexions that exists.
    God made us all different in case
    He has no problems , why do we resist?
    Everyone is unique in their own ways
    We can all live together and persist.

    We brought divisions in the form of religions
    Not because we follow different ideologies ,
    But we fail to notice the similarities in legions
    And the difference in the life's necessities.
    These are just ways of living through the seasons ,
    And love remain a constant with the varying apologies.

    The disabled are special we must accept
    They are not any different from us
    But they are specially abled , whom we must respect
    They need love too , they need the happiness' touch.
    No discrimination against their unique aspects
    Only acceptance towards the God's plan as much.

    We stand by everyone , who are disturbed
    Emotionally , for they need help too
    Peace is for every creature who needs to be loved
    It is a privilege ,which everyone is entitled to .
    We stand for peace , a social cause cited ,
    A movement for everyone , which needs to be revived.