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    Struggles and smiles

    Painful phases,
    permeating pain-t-s,
    perturbing precipitations,
    and a person who poses behind pleated papers.

    Expending energies,
    enigmatic expressions,
    exasperating emergencies,
    and an earthling who fears endangerment hues.

    Random rancours,
    rarefied reassurances,
    renouncing representatives,
    and a race which rebirths radiant red rattles.

    Inane idiosyncrasies,
    impending impediments,
    inconspicuous inconveniences,
    and a life which implores inchoate inceptions.

    Offensive odours,
    obs-cure objections,
    occupational onslaughts,
    and an origin who obtains ocean opportunities.

    Disdain delusions,
    disconsolate di-stress,
    decelerating detriments,
    and a demure darling who dares debacles.

    Severe superstitions,
    simultaneous scrutinies,
    satisfactory stratifications,
    and a sanguine specimen who smiles sunflowers.

    ~ S r i K r i s h n a P S | June 12, 2021