• pj_animation 9w

    The past still my present
    In a dome of pretense
    Throughts in a crescent
    Logic out of essence
    My mind an ill-tent

    Within my dark thoughts
    Puzzled in my mind maze
    Lost with encroaching doubts
    Roaming with unknown gaze
    Long gone is its own stout

    I'm my own outcast
    Shredded and torn apart
    My demons can't out-cast
    Can't get to my own part
    Filled with a rage without outburst

    A tour through my mind
    Lost and blown out
    For which I cant find
    Sanity no longer about
    With sight yet as blind

    The tour of my mind
    The past still its present
    Within my dark thoughts
    I'm my own outcast
    With sight yet as blind

    #pj_illmind #mentalhealth

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    As I surf through my mind
    In search of self therapy
    I uncover my demons
    And I'm no longer afraid
    They keep me safe
    In my own insanity
    I gain sanity
    From the toxicity
    Of the world around me