• xyl_ayvlis 16w

    The intense red that was
    Oozed out of the veins;
    The first drip on the floor
    Its sound reverberating
    Still after ages;
    A wedding gown, stained
    Symbolise the relationship
    Of married couples,
    Which was so lovely_
    A click and clicks of the clock
    Capturing a moment
    As much as it can;
    A breath hovering around
    Ceiling lights before
    It became air;
    Eyes wish to wide awake_
    A metallic smell was so strong
    Similar to percussion;
    By the way, a universe
    Remained undisturbed and calm
    At a time between dead and life;
    A distance thunder,
    A far away steps
    Got closer with a hood,
    Might reimagine with a scythe;
    Metaphor me as
    Irreversible as a time;
    A lapse and lapse
    Over unconsciousness
    Hesitation then chaos
    Sirens and wails;
    At the end, I'm saved.

    What's real?

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