• pink_berry 7w

    To the berry inside me

    ~ You are strong ! No matter how hard people try to put you down , rise again like a phoenix.~

    ~ You will be okay ! Things go wrong, but they will be right soon. A berry needs the coldest season to nurture, just like you , the coldest embrace will bring out the warmest personality of yours. ~

    ~ It's okay to be sensitive and emotional. Be proud that you are not like those dead emotionless souls wandering like demons. ~

    ~ Patience is all what you need berry. The almighty tests his favourite person. Don't complaint for the tough question paper , feel special that you will be rewarded.~

    ~ You are adorable and sweetest. And people call you fake , because they can't accept your beautiful reality. Chill out. ~

    ~ When people around you bring out flaws, remember, that a garden full of blooming flowers and lush green leaves need some withered buds and dry leaves too. Nothings perfect, but you are. ~

    ~ I know we are scared of darkness and touch. It's okay, there's nothing wrong with that. You'll be fine soon honey ! ~

    ~ Don't wait for them to appreciate you , tap your shoulder yourself. Sometimes even self appreciation is important. ~

    ~ Being sad eventually leads to crying. But stop it now! My eyes are running out of water!~