• gladiator001 46w


    Lying there at some busy desk
    in still darkness of an eternal rest
    A secret of a strangers heart
    A burden that sought a quest

    In many hands it was held
    All the troubles that were felt
    Untraceable work of an anonymous
    Unknown truths were to be revealed

    What enigma was poured all over
    or was it a scribble of an excited lover
    Were words bonded into an emotion
    and slipped innocuously in a cover

    It's ownership was yet to claim
    It's was a shame that no one came
    With passing time it was lost in a pile
    and just as oblivious it became

    Was it some man's blunt mistake
    Who never knew what's at stake
    Was it mediocre enough to be ignored
    Whose poor heart was it to break

    Who knew of its terrible fate
    and of misfortunes that await
    How days fold into wasted years
    Time was now arduous to locate

    But a quaint doom it had earned
    It was neither read, torn nor burned
    Neither was it lost or found
    Its contents were never learned

    When oneday it vanished to nowhere
    They pursued it to their worst despair
    It was beyond any man's reach forever
    But a cognizance was felt in the air