• taetae_ 6w


    // The red shadow //

    The red shadow grows long
    as my handmade sun moves from my 6-3
    morsel of morales pinned onto my wrist
    like bells onto my bloody bracelets
    reminds me of heavens
    as another dream I illustrate

    the red shadow
    feeds off my satiety,
    purple from my bones and sky from my brain
    before night swims across the pacific
    to reach my bruised palms
    it'd engulf the light in me

    phosphenes die
    before I sleep
    flying all the night
    to watch my shadow
    disappear among the other shadows
    together we vagabonds
    rush through parsley hills

    getting rid of red shadows is difficult
    red strings break without efforts
    magenta slowly caresses nuances
    timid thalssic snowflower borne in my heart
    like lost and left memories


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