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    This is (@_gk_07 and @wannabecreative) Team Creative Vibes ��
    And here's our post for @pillars_of_life_ 's fun activity #pillarsoflife

    The answers are:
    1) Blank space
    Taylor Swift

    2) Arcade
    Duncan Laurence

    3) Ilhai
    Arijit Singh

    4) Bezubaan kab se
    Jubin Nautiyal

    5) Photograph
    Ed Sheeran

    Our opposing pieces:

    [The words between // // are the lines from original song which we are opposing
    (All the copyright belongs to the right owner of song)]

    1) Blank space by Taylor Swift
    //I can read you like a magazine
    Ain't it funny rumors fly
    And I know you heard about me
    So hey, let's be friends
    I'm dying to see how this one ends
    Grab your passport and my hand
    I can make the bad guys good for a weekend//

    You always said you could
    Read me like magzines
    But let me tell you, it ain't funny
    How you cover all your sins
    And I know who you are
    Acting like a superstar
    You wannabe friends?Ok, fine
    But there should be no deadline
    I wanna grab your hand forever
    I wanna be your golden lover
    © wannabecreative

    2) Arcade by Duncan Laurence
    //I have spent all the love I have saved//

    Oh, oh-oh,oh-oh, oh-oh Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

    A mended heart with stitches is what I have,
    I'm breaking all the parts to fall apart, Found traces of pieces when,
    | buried it, buried it, buried it in ground.

    I'm bold enough to hold who | am (oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)
    My mind aches in need of nepenthe (oh,oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)
    Noise striking up my head
    (oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)

    Please bury me, bury me, bury me in ground.

    I've hoarded all of the hate i wasted,
    We were always a delusional game,
    Big town girl in a big arcade,
    | got addicted to a delusional game

    3) Ilhai by Arijit Singh
    //Shaame malang si
    Raate surang si
    Baghi udan pe hi na jane kyu
    Ilhai mera jee aaye//

    The evenings are not so beautiful anymore
    As if they have become blate
    Even the night seems less dark
    It seems almost stagnate
    I don't wish to fly high in the sky
    Or to make mess with my chaotic dance
    I want peace and stability
    I want to be grounded for once

    4) Bezubaan kab se by Jubin Nautiyal
    //Bezubaan kabse mai rha
    Begunah sehta mai rha//

    Concealing volcanoes in my heart, Engraving my own path is left, what i can do,
    I'll not say, but let my actions make the noise
    I have a voice for a reason
    So I won't ever lose my voice
    I won't give in to your pressure
    I will make my own choice
    I haven't done anything wrong
    And as far as I am concerned,
    So, I am not gonna be
    The witch that will get burned
    ©wannabecreative & _gk_07

    5) Photograph by Ed Sheeran
    //We keep this love in photograph//

    Hating is Love, hating can be love sometimes,
    But it's the only thing that I deny,
    When it was flexible, you forget it was flexible once upon a time,
    It is not the only thing which makes me feel dying.

    We keep this hate in these verses,
    We made these poetries for ourselves, Where our thoughts are never closing, Hearts are totally broken,
    And time's forver melting as lava, still.

    Any corrections are welcomed

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