• blurryface__14 15w

    I know how you're feeling.
    I do.
    Perhaps each and every one of these.

    The thing is,
    Stop letting yourself get upset over shit that won't matter in a couple of years.
    Stop taking everything so personally.
    Let these emotions dictate your life and you lose.
    Accept and embrace the fact that it's what life is all about and you win.

    Love yourself.
    Fall in love with being alive.
    Fall in love with the little things.
    Watch 6 am sunrise and 6 pm sunset.
    Go on a ride or a drive with no destination in mind whatsoever.
    Stop to take pretty pictures of yourself.
    Burn your skin from a hot shower after a long day.
    Sleep in on Saturdays and wake up early on Sundays.

    I hope strangers make you smile.
    I hope your Playlist makes you sing.
    I hope you fall in love with yourself again.


    Tho, personally I won't advise to go on a drive or a ride without any purpose.
    Tel mehenga hai ��
    Unless of course you have a cng alternative ��

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