• zikra_ 18w

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    Stay blessed, keep glowing and flowing

    Couldn't write anything good, apologies (+_+)
    Iske piche ki feelings smjho bs��♥️
    Enjoy your day Safiya, we all love you a lot♥️

    Also, i wanna reveal one thing on this grand day,
    Wo @/mehak mai hi thi�� who was asking for suggestions for good writers.


    Also, good bye everyone
    going on a break.

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    The sun was holding glittery golden crust
    When we had our first meeting
    A meeting worth remembering
    That made me believe in virtual friendship

    Silver sheets on moon
    Made our friendship shine so bright
    In that solemn moonlight

    In between cotton like clouds
    Lies our shit talks
    That never fails in
    making me laugh so hard

    Different shades of azure
    Represents our friendship as a whole

    If you ever feel like falling
    Our bond will keep you higher
    Raho hamesha gulshan tum
    From zikra, the sasti shayar