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    ~First love always alive and lives all the time in your heart. How much you try to forget it never goes away from your heart. It's always something special~

    Date : 3/12/2021 09:41 PM
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    My first love

    We met first time
    On the internet
    3 days before Christmas
    I was in mango city (salem)
    Escaping High school
    Dropping out
    Popping pills
    Living hard
    You were in banglore
    Land of gardens and IT hub
    Everything you said to me
    Was like a love story
    It's stuck a chord
    My phone became
    My lifeline
    My phones became you,
    Laying behind empty field
    Behind minyards at midnight
    A lifetime ago
    Drinking coffee
    From the flask
    With warm chips
    Leaving 100+ voice mails
    Of me talking nonsense
    I found you saved them
    Did you know you saved me ?
    I spent my first savings
    On plane ticket to see you
    A few hours together
    After a year of long distance
    Soul connection
    Hand written letter in the mailbox
    Every day without fail
    Excessive to some
    But I had never know love,
    Sleeping next to you for the first time
    Was the highlight of my life
    I didn't imagine you,
    Even once told me it was
    Too good to be true,
    You were real
    I had never heard you voice,
    But I understood,
    You just as sacred as me
    To open up and be rejected is,
    The most terrifying thing,
    We promised that would never happen
    Was started as an Idea,
    Become my entire future,
    All that I really live for
    Running away from familiarity
    And into your laps indefinitely
    Was the best decision I made.
    Day passed year changed
    You moved out for someother person.
    After 6years you came back
    Messaged me "I got married,how are you?"
    My eyes filled with tears
    My mouth went little up smile
    Thanks for giving bittter sweet tears
    And beautiful memories.