• pawani_t 24w

    Endings : Autumn of our life

    As I walked amidst the falling leaves,
    I could see them landing on the ground full of grief.

    As I felt the dry air hit against my face,
    I could make out its prickly entry into my barren land.

    I could sense the slow descent :
    Of betrayal, of manipulations.
    All these reminding me of my life season : Autumn.
    Autumn, blunt and emotionless, portrays that even the tallest tree sheds its leaves,
    Only to tend to our beautiful buds of the future.
    Autumn reminds me of Endings.
    Endings which open the door to new possibilities and new potentialities,
    Possibilities which you have never dreamt of
    And potentialities which you never self discovered.
    Endings are just God's way of commencing new beginnings.