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    Hello people!
    So if you're reading this as a newbie, this is totally meant for you to read. And if you aren't a new person, you can still read this, might help you at some point of time.

    I've been here 8 months back, and back then, I seriously knew nobody and I was probably not even being read by many people. Here are some suggestions from my side which can (probably, and surely) help you in sharing your thoughts. I'll be explaining things of my knowledge in very simple words, and I hope it wouldn't be a hindrance.
    If this didn't go well for you, don't curse me please.
    *teary eyes*

    1. READ MORE-
    Apart from the fact that you are here to write, reading other people's pieces are really essential. This can help you in many ways:

    ~In simple words, a good way to pass time in a helpful manner (other than sleeping and eating alone ��)

    ~ Some people have a really good knowledge of words, and reading them can help you improve your vocabulary as well. And a good vocab can surely help you write better pieces. I keep my own dictionary and I write down new words which I find from my friends' writeups (and I have completed a book already ��)
    This can help you in your literature subjects as well. (Go get some appreciations from your English teacher for a good essay next time XD)

    ~ Sometimes, you seemingly don't understand some lines which the fellow writer has penned. Now this can happen either because you just glanced it or felt it difficult to understand. If this happens, read it one more time. This can help you taste the poem in a better way and get more perspectives of it, which the poet didn't know himself.
    If you further didn't understand, ask the writer what he/she meant by the line. I always do this, and it's not a shame. The comment section is always open for such queries. And infact, the writer would be very happy that someone has some interest towards their prose/ poem. NEVER hesitate to clarify your questions. Sometimes, metaphors and personifications are difficult to understand. Don't worry.

    ~ When you read a person's works continuously, he or she will definitely look into (at least) one of your pieces, and this can also turn out to be a good idea of increasing your readership. I might sound peculiar, but what I said is pure human mentality.

    This can actually be a good way of increasing your reach, but it is not the only thing. You cannot be alone here, without any friends or people to talk, and this purely is my perspective. (But if you know staying to yourself as a single electron, kudos to you! It is the best, no toxicity, no harm :)) Talk to people, read them, appreciate them, understand them. There are many other users who are waiting for you. Although this place isn't meant for making friends, at some point of time, you might need someone to share your feelings with.
    But at the same time, be wise and be right in choosing the right people. All that glitters is not gold. Know the space you have reserved for somebody else in you.

    There definitely stands someone who inspires you to write, and I assure you that there are many such writers here who ink masterpieces everytime. These people turn out to inspire your writings, and by trying to match the level (uhmm, it happens) of their writings, you improve unknowingly, and this definitely is a good sign of getting good with your words.
    You can definitely incorporate their STYLE, but also remember to have your own recognition. Don't just be a shadow always, be a human with a shadow below. (was that cheesy XD)

    Not all times can your writeup be "Perfect". There are times when you might have committed some grammatical errors, or some incorrect sentence formation etc,. When a person takes his time and points out the mistake, immediately correct those mistakes and appreciate his presence. It is always good to correct mistakes, don't just ignore.

    This is another important thing in this platform. There are some spam accounts who will comment on your posts in the following ways:

    ~Hey writer XYZ, we read your works and they were really awesome. We are publishing an anthology and we would like you to publish your works in these. For more information contact,
    Email - xyzxyz
    Contact no. -..........

    ~ I have liked and reposted your works, so please follow my YouTube channel. Link in bio.
    #like4like #follow4follow.

    ~ Hello writer, I am your friend XYZ. Please help me out with my new YouTube channel, I need some subscribers. I think of you as my brother/sister. Please do the help for me. I have even followed you for the same. Like, comment, share, subscribe.

    ~ My friend has opened a new YT channel/ started a new self-publishing agency. Please check my link in bio and subscribe the channel, or publish your works and become popular by contacting to........

    ~ Want to get your works published, recognized, and get famous as a star? Want to become a popular writer? Send us a mail on XYZXYZ@gmail.com and send Rs. 150 through online transactions. Go writer, earn crores of rupees, thank us later. Check out fast, limited access available.

    I request you to not believe such bot accounts and end up with some great loss. The simplest thing you can do is block such accounts, or report them immediately. It would be a better way of cleaning trash from this lovely place.


    Firstly coming to permission,
    At times, you might feel like wanting everyone you know to read your piece, and by this, you tag a thousand people in the caption as well as the comment section. To be honest, I used to tag more than 100 people in my comments, and now, it feels so stupid and creepy. Some people literally don't read despites tagging everytime, know that. Tag a few people (tagging nobody is still okay) with their permission. It would be a decent and a good way rather.

    Also, please stop tagging the official accounts of @mirakee and @writersnetwork in each and every post you read. They try to read many many posts everyday, and reading every user isn't possible. It is good if you tag in just one or two posts, but doing this every time is bad. Harassment, we can call it. If you're a genuine reader, your read is more than enough, right? As a writer also, don't feel sad on not getting reposts from these two accounts. Be happy with your happy and genuine readers, they give you pods on every post, aren't they beautiful?
    Please tag these two accounts only in the posts you feel are the most deserving ones. It would be calm then.

    Secondly, credits,
    Whenever you're using some famous quote, or using some words of a fellow writer, give them due credits. Not doing this can signify Plagiarism, which is seriously not a good sign (you might be Imprisoned XD). Always credit for the words and pictures you use. (gradually, you can add it in your bio as well, but always credit the words of others in that particular writeup itself)
    Artists and creators deserve credits.

    Yes, so these were some tips from my perspective on general usages of Mirakee and reading. I will also try on posting some writing tips which I have imbibed over time, if possible. And I hope it will help you too.
    Spread these words (if possible) so that your fellow writers find some aid as well.

    Thank you, if you read this completely till here.
    If you know some other advices, please comment down.

    Your Mirakee friend,
    ©say_me_krish | Nov 16, 2020.

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