• ninadkadam 211w

    I take you for granted!

    I don't know how you always read my mind,
    How all my misplaced things you manage to find!

    How simply you set things right is truly magic,
    As if you have a wand to swish and flick!

    What a blessing it is that you are my mother,
    When you're around I need no other!

    When we're not together, miles apart,
    It doesn't matter cause we both have one heart!

    You must be the perfect human ever to be,
    Cause you are my mother,even the gods jealous of me!

    After a day which has been too real and rude,
    The warmth in your eyes brightens my mood!

    Although mother, it seems that I take you for granted,
    I promise you,
    Eachday I strive to be the child you always wanted!