• lettersforhim 48w

    I hate you for being so selfish. I love you for choosing yourself.

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    I find my way back
    To conversations you left behind.
    I dig on the words, on the promises
    That you walked away from.
    Just like that, in the middle of a sunny day
    A rock pulls me down with bitter weight of memories.
    I crawl, pause, crawl, trying to reach home,
    Only to find you at every door .
    Tears must be heavy to bear,
    And most of mine scream your name.
    What do I do to give this love away?
    I have only known it,
    For corroding my teeth, for popping blisters on my heart.
    The day after we said goodbye,
    I thought I had almost died.
    Our paths never crossed for good,
    We brought death in a bottle of wine.
    And I remember you,
    Trying to unlearn you.
    But the truth cuts my throat.
    I love you but sometimes,
    I'd rather die than have to feel this way inside .