• simplewords 67w

    Sad loop

    The world seems to be shredding down.
    Screams not enough to throw the pain out.
    Why ? Why did it happen again..?

    Running to the lights ,all shutting out.
    Only darkness all around. She,
    Clung to that last ray with the best she can.
    then, Putting herself together,
    She walked out of the door again.

    Scared of the dark will take her away.
    Won't find her way back to lane.
    Is she the same person then..?
    Somehow she puts herself together,
    And walks out of the door again.

    Happy that she clung to the lights in pain.
    She'll climb out of the pits in rain.
    Even if dark will come for her again.
    She knows she'll put herself together again.
    Walk into the world she dreams to live in.