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    Some thoughts I'd rather not keep to myself.
    #mondo , an answer as imperfect as the question.

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    What's in a moment?

    A moment is a lot of plural happening in singular.

    For a moment, I was looking up at the sky
    And the clouds looked back at me,
    An origami of a smile on their abstract form.
    The sky, a blend of blue and rusted white,
    Belonging to no man's home, looked rather free.
    A pair of doves seated on my roof's edge,
    Chattered away the whole afternoon.
    I wonder what they think of when they talk,
    Whether they love the rains I wait for,
    or only curse a sky on the verge of fall.
    Another moment, I hear my mother's laughter,
    It strangely resonates with the clouds' thunder
    Yet sounds happier than the songs I slept to last night;
    I wonder why I can never laugh like that;
    As if I belong to a world apart from hers.
    We live in the same house,
    Breathe through the same day.
    Yet I see a different sky from my window,
    And she double-cleans the window panes everytime the clouds rain in her sky.