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    Hanakanjō is a syndrome in which flowers start growing out of the victim's body because of a strong emotion.
    Maybe they'll grow when you're happy, feel loved or in peace! In that case (good emotions), the flowers will sprout painlessly.
    But maybe they'll grow when you're depressed, anxious or deeply missing someone... In that case (bad emotions), the flowers will sprout with a sharp pain.

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    her smiles bloom like snowflowers over his skin

    Flowers whisper from his skin,
    bright veins and colored flowers,
    luring into messy traps of tight hugs,
    cool breathes filled with fragrance from flowers.

    traps snapping back and forth,
    they collect sunshines,
    and wind chimes,
    from past to decor their present,
    collecting past pastel pinks for galactic greys,
    colouring into violets,
    like snowflowers blooming
    all over his skin.

    As she sleeps,
    he smiles watching the pain in her tears,
    kissing her tears,
    another flower blooms as he misses her,
    as he sees her sleep, thru dreams,
    in unrequited love
    everyone becomes a poet.