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    Mathematics defines circle as a locus of all points equidistant from the centre.

    Feelings have a circle of their own.
    A vicious one if you let it .
    What you get is slowly what you start giving away.
    You're taught to rise above, to know better but feelings , they have a circle of their own.
    Got shouted at by your boss? You may possibly come home and complete the circle by yelling at someone innocent for no reason.
    Got walked all over on, possibility is you've learnt to treat others that way too.
    That heart you still feel broken, possibility is, you've broken a few of your own trying to patch up this one.
    You see , a circle.
    You go round and round ,days , weeks ,months and possibly years without maybe realising that the person you didn't want to be , is now a little bit of you.
    As morbid as it sounds, there's always a way.

    I'm not a geometry wizard but if it's all the same,if the distance from the centre that's your being is the same ,then there's hope.

    You are a point.
    And so long as you are a point, you are inifnite.
    You can be anything.
    Step out of the circle.
    And just be
    Because if it's all the same, why be them when you can be you.


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