• kamen1 131w


    Complacent in a world of adventure
    Sitting in idle
    Watching my life go by
    I cease to go beyond my means of comfort
    The life of an adventurer is too much trouble
    I receive bad news of deadly charades
    Never seeing my peers past the age of twenty
    I wonder why they risk their life on such frugal ideals of wealth and fame
    Throwing their youth to the deadly clutches of the dungeon
    However while they live a short life of adventure and little regret
    I stay locked up in my cobblestone house scared of dying
    Terrified of the horrors that lie outside of my safety
    Thus living with the most regret when I die
    The more I think of adventuring
    I realize how much I am missing
    A chance to meet new confidants, gaining an impeccable amount wealth, and possibly gaining the title of hero
    I walk up to my intimidating door
    Thoughts of the terrors once again overtake me
    I hurriedly escape to the comfort of my home
    Regretting not having the determination to face my fears