• thesagacontinues07 25w

    Overcoming Fear of Love

    When you were in love, everything was beautiful,
    Now that you are not, you think love is cruel,
    You think love betrayed you, it's unfaithful,
    Don't let your bad experiences redefine the truth,

    What you felt or still feel,
    Is genuine and real,
    It's okay if it didn't work out at all,
    It doesn't mean what you did was false.

    Take everything from the experience you gained,
    Move on to find better ones who make you fall in love again!

    Don't distrust love, love ain't that cheap,
    Love is an emotion, not people who become bleak,
    Who change and betray, love stays truthful all the way,
    Surely love doesn't end with that one chase,

    Where you failed, for love is a process,
    It's not something you can gain once,
    It's the connection that remains constant,
    With the real one who will surely come!

    Because when you find it real, you find it whole,
    Don't wait for time to show you what's gold,
    For it is time that brings dust and rust,
    On the gold, and then you'll blame time for breaking your trust.

    The best time is now, follow your heart,
    Let love heal you and not let you fall apart,
    Hate hatred, dislike this liking towards not moving on,
    For you're a soul that's headstrong,

    In the name of love, let's love again,
    If not that way, let's pave a new way!