• zylith 9w

    wishing you a very happy birthday witchy!

    || kal ki khumari, ikhlas ishq hi
    khwabeeda harf se hayat kal ki ||

    P.s_ what I'd say, i couldn't even commuovere your vibe but i tried....here's a dedication towards witch-pen.

    26'nov, 21

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    That soothe my soul,

    like the spring, a sakura
    i saw , artwork of her last-past years
    so indispensable.
    she, tingling 'round the globe and that's what
    soothe my soul, said.
    on the orchestral of alliteration, ounce of obscure
    left-facing the liberty to love *"
    when maestral her paayal "

    delegate the death. twitterpatted, oh
    how her eighteen ;

    like asphyxiated-attire
    she, an author. augured to the kitchenette area
    of bardic. she served, a plate of poetry and
    cwtch the catastrophic segregation from scab
    i wonder, while writing
    ermine to her winter ,*

    mishap-mask, of your own
    grubbling prepossessing beneath the banyan
    ah, standing afar to her risette
    i saw.

    under the rain
    from the top of fingertips
    gumusservi reminiscence of her
    on the way, while
    sunday summer-cup
    coerced and said, she'd steadily await
    the name and over and other
    howbeit, in skies.
    how her eighteen were the words,
    out of cuts,
    an early hour across half-herself
    of hayat when skies were streching summer
    of her emblazoned emotion , fleeting so
    fragile from witch pen.