• sanjay_writes 14w

    In the form of a flame,
    In the hue of the ripe bloom.
    You, my love, slowly came to me.
    Your eyes went in my heart,
    The gleam, the fire, their beauty,
    Wide as a spacious moon lite night.
    Your passion brought back in my body,
    The extinguished flame I once had,
    Burning with a roar.
    Came alive,
    Of passion,
    Of strength,
    Of you.
    With your incredible body and
    indescribable pleasure it brought,
    Your laugh echoed once my silence,
    back to me in my smile,
    Of heart, flesh.
    Wearing your gown of tenderness,
    To the edges of shores of passion.
    Glow in my flame started by yours

    As the midnight sun blooms,
    In your eyes, of the wide and deep,
    My love, my woman, we share bonds.
    One of the flower one of the roots,
    One of the air of love, we become.
    So it is:
    Each we give, to one another.
    A kiss of the ages ripens,
    Fused we are in the heart and flesh.
    My love, you,
    the flower of the garden in my life.
    Temptress of the forbidden passion,
    I seek.
    Lands upon we stand, showered with fires,
    Rained in the softness of your soul.
    We are, one of the same.
    Heart of the beauty you are.
    Let your kiss ripe on my lips
    Harvests the coming love,
    Cemented in my bones.
    For in the garden of tonight,
    You are the flower, you are the fruit.
    Carried me away your beauty,
    My little dreamer.
    Bare, you, of the body,
    soul of the saint and sinner.
    Form of the Queen of the twilight.
    The flower in bloom ready for my harvest.
    In your nakedness you wield power, softly and deadly.
    The cutting edge of razor in beauty,
    The feel of silk from the morning sunlight.
    You and I, fields of the lovers, bones and flesh to connect in a kiss.
    For not only do you posses the fruit of the fruits, sweetness and moistness,
    My love grows as the plants in the field.
    Innocent of the pleasure I am, guilty of wanting you, I plead.
    Winds of time blows upon your skin, I hear the echoes of your moans.
    Look at me my little one, my own.
    For you are mine, the beauty of the shores, the air.
    Unmasked, your beauty comes out to awaken me.
    Love is the harvest tonight.
    Ripe is the fruit, you are.

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