• natasha_a 24w

    How are you?

    I don't even know why people are liking this. I am just ranting.

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    I feel good today.

    I am glad I woke up early and listened to my physics teacher patiently, never knew he was this great with it and while making notes, I realised my handwriting is pretty good and maybe I should appreciate it more.

    Went out with my mother's friends and their kids today, I think I attended such gathering after a year or so, my social anxiety used to take best of me. I finally talked with my best friend, we were so distant past months.

    I am most surprised about the fact that I attended my chemistry class with utmost concentration and even asked doubts. My teacher used to say, she never knew if I attended a class or not. Chemistry is pretty interesting, by the way, I was just running from it.

    For the first time, my dad complimented my dressing style and I felt so confident that I think I might wear the same outfit tomorrow. Don't worry, I will wash it before.

    And the thing that I am finally writing after such long. It's getting comfortable, my eyes doesn't hurt anymore. I feel genuinely sleepy these days, glad I am not sleeping just to imagine myself in fake scenarios.

    I feel exceptionally well today and scared too. It feels too much to be mine.