• deannarabb 83w

    Turn it over to Jesus

    Lets wake up and turn over
    To our lord Jesus Christ
    Let's kiss him on his cheek
    He held us through the night
    Let's turn on over to our Jesus
    Before we brush our teeth
    He doesn't care about our morning breath
    Our souls he waits to meet
    Let's place our worries
    Right in his hands
    Before we get out of bed
    And thank him now before it's done
    Before we eat our bread
    Let have some faith
    He'll do for us
    If we just do for him
    Let's turn it over to Jesus
    His strength he loves to lend
    But don't leave him in the bed
    Right where you lay
    Take JESUS with you throughout the day
    He is your friend and Father, yes
    You must treat Jesus like he's the best
    And leave it up to him to turn your life around
    And when he does
    Don't leave him dry
    To prayer without a sound
    Just serve your Jesus
    Right where you are
    Let him know that he's your star
    And turn it over to Jesus
    Because we don't have the power
    He waits right there for you
    His blessings he loves to shower
    Just step on in and let him pour
    He'll wash away your pain once more
    And dry your tears then oil you up
    He strengthens you to be as tough
    As he is magnificent
    The love he gives is heaven sent
    So turn it over to Jesus
    And give it up to him
    You'll be reborn just like he was
    Your heaven lives within