• dipalirana 36w

    ‘Lifetime of sadness’
    Is it such a substantial amount of loss that leaves no room for happiness or joy in someone’s life?
    Is it a scar deep enough to cast a spell of hollowness in a body meant to feel?
    Is it a sign of weakness, of servitude that pungently beguiles someone to a lifetime of vicious hell casted on themselves?
    Or is it a sea of intervention, where past and present no longer exist separately but converge in a perpetual state of syzygy?
    A lifetime of sadness comes in loops, attached to the symbol of ephemeral eulogy that is memory, of all those we meet. It is a lost time deluged in regret, anger and lost opportunities.
    Of saying, ‘I love you’, ‘I appreciate you’, ‘I can’t imagine my life without you’. Of hugs that always feel assuring of your place in the world, within the arms of a person who met you and never felt, until they do.
    ‘A lifetime of sadness’, is a lifetime of time travel to memories that fade and resurface. The touch of old clothes, of human scent, of a voice, and all that made it whole; sadness is losing the person, yet not losing them.
    Of losing the feel of the voice, yet not the words spoken.
    Of losing the touch of the skin, and not their soft hold of your hands, the power of their smile, confidence in you.
    Of losing the future together, yet never the past memories.